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Blüemlisalp Fünfliber
Blüemlisalpl Zeifränkler

Blüemlisalp is the label for an upscale Alpine lifestyle from Switzerland. Developed and produced in Switzerland.


We take Swiss alpine traditions, reinterpret them and create distinctive traditional costumes, charming accessories, jewelry and unique watches .

The Zweifränkler Model

CHF 335.-

The Fünfliber Model

CHF 345.-


Since 1850 the Swiss Franc, the oldest and most stable currencies in the world, is now fashionably available for wearing on the wrist.

With the " Federal Law on the Federal coinage " of 7 May 1850, the franc was introduced as the currency of Switzerland. From then on, new coins were minted and issued.Since 1874 the two franc piece has remained unchanged and still figures the same motif. It was designed by Jean François Bovy. At the edge of the minted design, is the signature of this influential Swiss coin sculptor. Swiss francs are the oldest coins still in circulation today. 

Blüemlisalp Uhr mit Münz-Zifferblatt
Handtasche Blüemlisalp
Lifestyle Tracht Blüemlisalp
Akustischer Smartphone-Verstärker

The  "Mälchterli"  Handbag: Ash with Silver and calf leather, lined with Alcantara. Available to order in various colors.

Lifestyle costume in style of Bernese Sunday dress. Made to order.

Smartphone audio amplifier ash or walnut with matching cow horn design as speakers.

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